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Looking to sell your car?

We've got several options for you, whether you want an immediate, no-hassle offer for your car, to trade it in to a dealer, or to sell privately.

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When it comes time to sell, we've got options for you. Perhaps you will trade in, or maybe you'd prefer to sell privately to maximize your return. Sometimes you want to press the easy button and try one of our partners for a fast and hassle-free sale. Just like when you're buying, it pays to shop around and compare.

See what selling options are available to you from the services below:

Selling with

There are two options to sell your vehicle with, Instant Offer and Sell Privately. We've outlined some of the highlights of both options below.

Instant Offer

Sell or trade-in your vehicle using this option. This allows you to get an instant offer for your car online from a dealer near you, after entering a few straightforward details about the car. If you choose to accept the offer, you will then bring the car in to the dealer to confirm the value and complete the sale.

Sell Privately

List your car for free on to sell privately, and like all listings it will also show up on AutoTempest. It's possible you'll get a higher price this way, but more work is required to prepare the car for sale and complete the transaction.

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Selling with Carvana

Carvana also offers two options to sell your vehicle with them, which we've outlined below. They also offer vehicle pickup, depending on your location, which can make the selling process fairly hands-off. Finally, unless the car has been misrepresented, you can count on getting the price quoted in the online offer.


Trade-in is offered when you sell your vehicle as part of the purchase process toward a new vehicle. This can be beneficial in minimizing state sales taxes.


Even if you're not buying a car from Carvana, you can still sell to them. After answering a few questions about your vehicle, all online, you'll receive a firm offer.

In our experience, Carvana is one of the most hassle-free options for selling your car. The online process is quite quick, as they are able to look up most of the information for your car just using the plate number. And once you have a quote, that process to actually pick up the car and finish the deal is very straightforward and quick.

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Selling with Cars & Bids

If your car is a bit cool or unique and you're open to an auction platform, then Cars & Bids is worth checking out. It costs nothing to list your vehicle with them, and again, your car will also show up on AutoTempest. (Buyers pay a 4.5% commission on top of the sale price, up to $4500.) They focus on 1980's and newer vehicles. Below are the two different types of auctions they offer:

Reserve Auction

A reserve auction has a secret minimum price that you’ll accept in order to sell your car. If your reserve isn't met, the car does not sell (and again, you don't pay anything).

No Reserve Auction

An auction without a reserve means that the car will sell to the highest bidder at the end of the auction regardless of price. This guarantees your car will sell, and may attract more attention to it (so potentially you'll get a higher sale price), but of course you risk selling for less than you wanted.

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Looking for more options?

Facebook Marketplace is a great free option to list your vehicle. The downside is that you're more likely to get tire-kickers and won't reach as wide a geographical audience as other sites (except for people using AutoTempest, which helps you search all of Marketplace!). But you can't beat free for price, so you might as well list here too, as long as you have time to deal with a bunch of people asking, "Is this still available?"

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eBay is the classic site to sell anything, including cars. Once again, anything listed on eBay will also appear on AutoTempest, and you have a couple different options to sell: a classified listing, or selling through eBay with an auction or a fixed price "Buy it Now" listing.

Classified listings work just like listings on Facebook Marketplace or old-school newspaper classifieds: it's just a place to advertise the vehicle, but you're responsible for completing the transaction yourself. With an auction or "Buy It Now" listing, the transaction is run through eBay, which can attract a wider audience and provides more safeguards, but of course they take a cut.

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Helpful Services

Services to help simplify your selling, or buying, process.

Caramel is a checkout service used to help simplify the selling, or buying, process. Once you find a buyer who's interested in your car, Caramel can be used to handle paperwork, secure payment, title transfer and registration, and identity verification, all for free to both parties. As long as the buyer agrees, there's really no reason not to use it, unless you're selling through another service that already handles those aspects. They also offer additional (paid) options such as vehicle protection, digital inspection, finance, insurance, and transport of the vehicle. Caramel can be particularly useful for long distance sales or purchases where handling all of this yourself, especially the transport, can be difficult.

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